We are LIVACO, We Import Wholesale Excite Dresses

We started as an import agency mainly dealing with lingeries from Europe for over 20 years. Especially,
with LISE CHARMEL France, we have the longest-standing exclusive relationships.
At the same time, we have always been looking for something attractive to provide Japanese customers seeking for something different.


One day, our executive lerned one of his old friends had been engaging on bridal business for long time. He established his own company as total wedding production to forcus more on consulting the dress shops to fit them in line with the time.


We started the collaboration to introduce the allure of import dresses to Japanese customers.


We are working together for change. A change that will not only exceed customer expectations, but also contribute to the industry's overall growth and development.


Carol Hannah Whitfield (or CH) is a transplanted gal from South Carolina and a self taught designer living in NYC and feeding her obsession with dresses on a daily basis. CH began sewing at the ripe age of seven under her mom's instruction. Over the years, her once secretive hobby blossomed into a profession as she found her home in the dreamy world of the bridal industry. Carol Hannah loves the personal nature of bridal, getting to hear her clients' stories, and helping happy folks bring their wedding day vision to fruition. When not in her studio, she can be found scouring New York's vintage markets, traveling for trunk shows with our retailers, and drawing things in the middle of the night (#chmidnightdoodles).

エーエム フォークナー

AM Faulkner is a contemporary bridal accessories studio. We specialise in headpieces and veils for the modern bride, the unconventional bride, the tom boys, the romantics, the girls who know their style. Each one of our pieces is crafted by hand in our East London studio using artisan techniques and ethically sourced materials. We are proud to be able to trace the origins of every single fabric and element used in our work.

Trained by former Royal milliner Rose Cory but with a background in constructed textiles, textile design is hugely important within her practice. A lot of the fabrics used have been designed and produced in-house using a variety of experimental embroidery techniques. With an emphasis on simple forms and beautiful material, Ann-Marie sensitively combines contemporary and innovative textile design with traditional British millinery techniques to produce her signature pieces.

Bridal Industry in Japan



・Only 60% of couples have a wedding reception (400,000 out of 660,000 registered couples)

・Of the above, 99.5% of brides rent their gowns (not purchase)

・Most weddings are purchased in package format including gowns, invitations, flowers, seating cards, etc.      Outside items are often restricted or require additional fees.

・Packages are offered by limited vendors who have contracts with the venue

・Total Wholesale Market for gowns : 12.3 billion JPY (approx. 110 million USD)

・Domestic brands dominate the market. Import gowns accounted only for 3.2%

・Industry is slowly changing as customers become educated with the surge in information available through internet and social media

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An opportunity to wear the dress of your dreams

We aim to spur a revolution in bridal market. Much like in western cultures, brides will be dreaming about their bridal gown even before they have set a date

Choosing from a restricted selection

Choosing a dress made by your favorite brand or designer


LIVACO is a trading company and holds an internal cousulting team as total wedding production, which every member has extensive experience from MD, VMD, Education, Sales to SNS support, working with many top brand in the world.

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LIVACO is experienced of importing clothing products from Europe, mainly luxury lingerie brands. We have been dealing with LISE CHARMEL France as an Exclusive import agent for over 20 years and distributing their products all around Japan, including popular department stores (e.g. Isetan, Mitsukoshi) and online shop. With descerning eye based on our solid experience, brides find our selection so appealing that they would choose their dress before selecting their venue. It promotes the new business model in the bridal industry in Japan from choosing packaged format to making their own style.


We LIVACO connect retailers with you as an only window in Japan making constant communication.
We are pleased to support your brand business in Japan.








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★Dress shop all round Japan

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★Over 40,000 clients