AM Faulkner is a contemporary bridal accessories studio. We specialise in headpieces and veils for the modern bride, the unconventional bride, the tom boys, the romantics, the girls who know their style.

Each one of our pieces is crafted by hand in our East London studio using artisan techniques and ethically sourced materials. We are proud to be able to trace the origins of every single fabric and element used in our work.

Founded and led by Ann-Marie Faulkner - an award winning London based designer and milliner, who established her studio in late 2014. Since then her work has been featured in publications worldwide and her collections have been stocked internationally from New York to Tokyo by renowned stores including Anthropologie.

Trained by former Royal milliner Rose Cory but with a background in constructed textiles, textile design is hugely important within her practice. A lot of the fabrics used have been designed and produced in-house using a variety of experimental embroidery techniques. With an emphasis on simple forms and beautiful material, Ann-Marie sensitively combines contemporary and innovative textile design with traditional British millinery techniques to produce her signature pieces.

Luxe minimal veil Luxe minimal veil
Cosmos veil Cosmos veil
Minimal veil Minimal veil
Chiffon veil Chiffon veil
Margarita Daisy veil Margarita Daisy veil
Embroidered spot veil Embroidered spot veil
Lace veil -Beaded corded lace- Lace veil -Beaded corded lace-
Lace veil -Embroidered edge- Lace veil -Embroidered edge-